Our Beliefs

We believe in the God who created heaven and earth; who exists as God the Father, God the Spirit, and God the Son, Jesus, who was the Word of God which became a man.

We believe that God gave us His inspired Word, the Bible. The Word helps those who are lost by giving them new life, faith, and salvation. The Word helps those who are saved by giving them spiritual food, training in righteousness, correction for living a godly life, cleansing from sin, power to resist Satan, and the confidence and courage to win souls.

We believe that salvation and a relationship with God is based on His grace, a belief that Jesus Christ died in order to save us from our sins, repentance (turning away) from a life of sinfulness, an open and willing confession that He is our Lord, an immersion into water, and a holy life of obedience to His commands as prompted by His indwelling Spirit.

We believe that God created us to love and glorify Him and to demonstrate our love for each other through the good things that we do, and that we are to share the good news of salvation with all those who do not know it and that He has gifted each one of us in a unique way to serve Him and His Church.

We believe that our bodies will die but that our souls will continue in eternity; in communion with Him if we have accepted Christ

and what He has done for us or in separation from Him if we have not accepted Christ or what He has done for us.